AI Call Recording & Conversation Intelligence 

Revolutionize Your Contact Center with AI Insights

Revolutionize how you manage data, train agents, and interact with customers through advanced analytics, ensuring every conversation drives your business forward. 


Elevate Customer Interactions

Leverage AI to gain deep insights into customer interactions, optimizing contact center operations and enhancing agent performance with comprehensive conversation analytics. 

Real time call and screen recording.

Automated scoring evaluating 100% of calls.

Uncover key trends, sentiments and compliance issues.


Achieve Unmatched Compliance and Security

Navigate the complexities of data privacy and compliance effortlessly with IPFone’s AI-based Data Redaction feature. Automatically remove sensitive information from your recordings, ensuring compliance with industry regulations while securing customer trust.

AI-based Data Redaction.

Ensure compliance with GDPR, PCI DSS, and more.

256-bit encryption and full audit trails.


Redefine Quality Assurance 

Streamline your QA processes with IPFone’s platform, ensuring every agent interaction meets your high standards for customer service, with tools designed for the modern contact center.

Boost first call resolution with Auto QA scoring.

Increase QA coverage by 500x with AI evaluation.

Real-time reporting and dashboards.


Insights Driven by AI

Extract valuable insights from every conversation with AI-powered speech analytics. Automatic keyword extraction, sentiment analysis, and topic categorization provide actionable feedback to improve customer engagement.

Automatic keyword and topic categorization.

Sentiment analysis with automated scoring.

Provide feedback to agents 10x faster.


Enhanced Interaction Visibility

Gain unparalleled visibility into agent-customer interactions with high-quality, multi-screen recordings. Flexible retention and fraud detection safeguard and optimize your contact center operations. 

Capture and analyze multi-screen interactions. 

Flexible retention rules and advanced storage management.

Enhanced monitoring capabilities.

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