Ipfone with webex

Do Exceptional Work with IPFone & Webex.

IPFone with Webex combines calling, meetings, messaging, and file sharing into one elegant app to streamline teamwork and produce great results, faster than ever.

Cloud calling

Powerful, robust, full featured calling.

The Webex app is deeply integrated with IPFone’s cloud calling solution and provides the flexibility, reliability, and security your business demands. Publish one business phone number and make and receive calls from your device of choice— desktop, table, and smartphone.

Voice calling with just one click

Enterprise-grade calling features

Make or receive calls from any device

Seamless calling experience with IPFone phones


Messaging the way it’s meant to be.

Bring everyone together easily and quickly in Webex. Enable everyone to see and share all the information they need. Send messages, share files, and create or edit whiteboards securely, both inside and outside your company. Everything is always in one place.

Direct and group chat

File sharing

Persistent history

Offline mode


Meetings built for teams.

Use high-quality video meetings in your own personal meeting room with screen sharing and annotation from any device for up to 1000 participants. Maintain your professional appearance with virtual backgrounds, noise removal, and speech enhancements.

Personal meeting room

HD video

Screen sharing

White boarding

Recordings & transcription

Team collaboration

Keep your team moving forward.

Create a virtual workspace where you can get work done with others one-to-one or as teams. Chat, meet, share files and link your productivity apps all within your virtual space to keep your work and conversations organized.


Powerful search

Smart notifications

Moderator controls

Discover The Power of IPFone and Webex.

An all-in-one team collaboration solution built for business

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