Cloud-Based Hospitality Phone Systems

IPFone offers hoteliers the last hotel phone system they may ever need to purchase. Our hosted solution is carrier-grade, explicitly designed for the multi-faceted hotel industry, including multiple PMS integrations.

Cloud Communications for Hospitality

Our solution includes full PMS integration, voice mail, call accounting and other hotel-specific features. Hoteliers are provided with a wide selection of admin and guestroom phone types, analog or IP. With flexible billing options, hoteliers can now contract for voice as a service instead of sinking significant money into a stand-alone box in the basement.

Flexible Pricing

Whether you want to front-load your purchase, heavy on the Capital Expense, reduce your Operating Expenses, or just the opposite, save money upfront and make monthly payments, IPFone is sensitive to your needs. So sensitive that we offer everyone our 6-Month Service Satisfaction Guarantee. Suppose there is any material failure in providing services during the initial six months, and IPFone fails to remedy the situation within five days. In that case, our customers will not be liable for any termination charges if they end our service agreement.

Built for Hospitality.

Keep your guests connected and satisfied with the only hotel phone system you’ll ever need. IPFone’s cloud-hosted solution offers the flexibility, reliability, and customizable options you need to offer the phone system your guests require. From room phones to mobile, SMS, video, and more, you can create a unique, comprehensive customer experience. Available for lodgings of all sizes throughout the Americas and the Caribbean, IPHospitality offers everything you need for internal and external communication — now and in the future.