IPFone Dedicated Fiber Internet 

Boost Connectivity with IPFone Fiber

Leverage IPFone’s Dedicated Fiber Internet for symmetrical upload and download speeds, proactive network monitoring, and exceptional reliability. Perfect for SMBs requiring high-speed & consistent connectivity.

Symmetrical Speeds

Balanced Speeds for Efficiency

Experience the advantage of symmetrical speeds, ensuring your business can efficiently handle high-volume data transfers, video conferencing, and cloud-based services.

Ideal for high-definition video conferencing

Efficient large file uploads and downloads

Perfect for cloud services and hosting

Unmatched Reliability

Reliable Internet for Growth

Benefit from our industry-leading uptime guarantee. With proactive monitoring and maintenance, your business stays connected without interruptions. 

99.95% service reliability 

Proactive network monitoring 

Rapid response and issue resolution

Expansive Coverage and Support

Nationwide Onsite Services

Not only does IPFone provide a wide-reaching fiber network, but we also ensure seamless integration into your business operations with nationwide onsite installation and training. Our experts are dedicated to setting up your services quickly and efficiently, ensuring your team is well-equipped to make the most of our powerful internet solutions. 

Comprehensive nationwide onsite installation

Personalized training for your team

Quick and efficient setup, tailored to your business needs

Comprehensive Solutions

All-in-One Internet Services

IPFone offers a complete suite of services, including fast connectivity, wireless backup, and integrated voice solutions, all through a single provider. 

Integrates with voice and team collaboration tools

Wireless backup options

Easy scalability for growing businesses

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