IPFone’s Cloud Communications for Legal Services.

IPFone provides high-quality, secure business communications solutions to numerous organizations in the legal space, including law firms, attorneys, paralegal offices, and more.

A better way to do business communications

We understand law firms’ unique requirements to operate efficiently, particularly in the new hybrid work ecosystem.

IPFone’s cloud communications simplify businesses’ communications by enabling your in-office and remote employees to efficiently answer calls, schedule meetings, share documents, and route callers to the proper resource. Our services enhance business communication, collaboration, and productivity across the entire organization, whether you have one or multiple locations.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced team collaboration features, including video, meetings, messaging, file-sharing, and more
  • Secure and encrypted communications  
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Cost-efficient & scalable
  • CRM integration available


Recommended solutions

  • IPFone with Webex 
  • CRM Integration
  • IPFone Call Recording with transcription
  • Voice Transcription
  • SD-WAN