Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Make your next business call with IPFone Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. IPFone Direct Routing brings robust, enterprise-grade communications and collaboration capabilities to Microsoft Teams, whether you are using Microsoft Teams on the web or the app. Meet via video, collaborate within Office 365 applications or make calls all on the same platform, no matter where you are.

Integrate Premium Calling Features with Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams.

With IPFone Direct Routing, businesses can take full advantage of premium features not available with Microsoft voice services such as Quality of Service (QOS) monitoring, Contact Center, Hunt Group, Call Recording, and many other UCaaS services.

Enable Intelligent Calling Features with Your Existing Microsoft
Teams Operation

Stay productive while working remotely using hosted PBX for Microsoft Teams. Enable intelligent calling features for Microsoft Teams.

  • Quality of Service (QOS)
  • Contact Center
  • Hunt Group
  • Hunt Group
  • Call Recording
  • UCaaS Services

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