Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Voice Calling for MS Teams Via Direct Routing

IPFone Direct Routing enhances your Microsoft Teams experience, combining enterprise-grade communications and collaboration capabilities. Make calls, meet via video, and collaborate within Office 365 applications seamlessly, whether on the web or the app.


Seamless Integration for Calls

Enable calling within Microsoft Teams across devices with IPFone’s cloud voice services. Experience seamless communication whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, or mobile. 

Make and receive calls on any device 

IPFone cloud voice integration

Seamless Microsoft Teams experience


Enhance Your Teams Experience

Leverage advanced features like IVR, Contact Center, Call Reporting, and more, integrated directly into your Microsoft Teams environment, enhancing your collaboration and service capabilities.

Integrated advanced calling features

IVR, Contact Center, and Call Reporting

Enhanced Microsoft Teams collaboration


Dependable Communication, Always

With IPFone’s robust voice network architecture and integration with Microsoft, ensure business continuity with uninterrupted calling capabilities, even during outages.

Uninterrupted calling capabilities

Robust voice network architecture

Business continuity ensured


Simplified Management and Support

Enjoy the convenience of a single provider for your Microsoft Teams voice capabilities, complete with white-glove support and comprehensive account management. 

Single provider for voice services

White-glove support and account management

Simplified billing and service experience

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