IPFone Virtual Agents

Our AI-powered intelligent Virtual Agents automate the routine and repetitive conversations handled by live agents, freeing your live agents to provide value where they’re most needed.

IPFone Virtual Agents & Enhanced Interactive Voice Response

Improve the way your business interacts with customers with IPFone Virtual Agents & Enhanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Engage your customers with AI-powered speech recognition and provide your customer with the most relevant menu of options in real-time. IVRs can also perform a data dip from CRMs or any other software (API is required) retrieving information to accurately personalize the customer experience.

Why Choose IPFone’s Virtual Agents?

Organizations of all types, from retail to healthcare, from small businesses to enterprises, and government organizations rely on Enhanced IVRs to streamline inbound and outbound customer communications.

  • Improved  Customer Experience
  • Cost Savings
  • Greater Compliance
  • Innovation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Real-Time Customer Support

Discover powerful, streamlined communications for business.