[Case Study] Modernizing Network Infrastructure: How IPFone’s SD-WAN Solution Empowered Miller Legg

Miller Legg, a Florida-based consulting firm, recently partnered with IPFone to upgrade their network infrastructure with an SD-WAN solution powered by Cisco Meraki. The decision to implement this new technology was driven by the need to address the challenges posed by their existing on-premise solution and to improve overall network performance, security, and client experience. … Read more

[Case Study] IPFone Call Analytics Drives Operational Efficiency at Carroll Fulmer Logistics

Carroll Fulmer Logistic Corp., a leading trucking and logistics provider, recently transformed their communications by adopting IPFone’s unified cloud platform. A key component driving measurable operational improvements has been IPFone’s advanced Call Analytics. Before IPFone, Carroll Fulmer lacked visibility into critical call metrics across their 13 nationwide locations. Essential data such as call volume, duration, … Read more

[Case Study] IPFone with Webex: Empowering Zumba’s Global Expansion through UCaaS

Zumba, the wildly popular dance fitness program, has expanded rapidly since its humble beginnings in 2001. Created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Beto Pérez, Zumba had spread to over 110,000 locations worldwide with 12 million weekly participants by 2012. Supporting this incredible growth required a robust and reliable unified communications solution. As a customer of … Read more