Bring Enterprise-Grade Calling to Microsoft Teams with IPFone

Microsoft Teams is becoming an increasingly popular unified communications platform for businesses. With Microsoft Teams Calling, you can bring PSTN connectivity directly into Teams to enable external voice calls alongside messaging, meetings, and collaboration. IPFone offers a fully managed Microsoft Teams Phone solution with Direct Routing that delivers enterprise-grade calling features, unlimited domestic minutes, and … Read more

Level Up Your Office Phones: Must-Have Features for Your Next Office Phone

Reliable communication is the lifeline of any successful business. Choosing the right business phone system ensures your team stays connected with colleagues and customers. As you evaluate top phone brands like Poly, Cisco, and Yealink, keep these non-negotiable features in mind: Crystal Clear Audio: Background noise and poor audio quality hamper productivity. Look for wideband … Read more

Dedicated Fiber Internet: A Game Changer for SMB Productivity and Connectivity

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), having fast, reliable internet is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. As companies become more dependent on cloud-based software, video conferencing, and other bandwidth-intensive applications, dedicated fiber internet has become a game changer for optimizing productivity and connectivity. Dedicated fiber provides businesses with a direct fiber optic … Read more

Safeguarding Your SMB: Defending Against Phishing, Scams, AI Voice Fraud, and Hackers

In today’s interconnected world, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) enjoy unprecedented opportunities for growth and success. However, along with these advantages comes the lurking threat of cyberattacks. Phishing emails, online scams, AI-generated voice fraud, and hacking attempts have become daily challenges, putting your business’s sensitive information and financial stability at risk. But fear not! In … Read more

Choosing The Right Internet Service Provider for Your Small Business

In an era where connectivity is paramount, choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your small business is more than a decision; it’s a strategic move. With various options, features, and packages offered in the market, the decision can be overwhelming. Here’s why IPFone’s dedicated fiber internet powered by AT&T should be your choice: … Read more

Unlock the Power of Omnichannel Engagement with Webex Contact Center

Customer engagement has become a critical focus for Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) owners in today’s digital landscape. A robust customer engagement strategy can be the game changer that propels a business ahead of its competition. Among the vast array of tools available, one that stands out is the Webex Contact Center, specifically because of … Read more

Revolutionize Your Customer Experience with Webex Contact Center

In an era where customer experience is king, businesses constantly seek ways to enhance customer interactions. One tool that stands out in this quest is Webex Contact Center. This blog post will dive into the features of the Webex Contact Center and how it can revolutionize your customer experience. Harnessing the Power of AI Webex … Read more

IPFone Welcomes Soccer Icon Lionel Messi to Inter Miami CF

As an early sponsor and official provider for Inter Miami CF, IPFone is excited to announce Lionel Messi’s decision to join the club. This notable move signifies a thrilling phase for soccer fans globally as Messi brings his legendary skills to the American soccer scene. Co-owned by David Beckham, Inter Miami CF is a beacon … Read more

Introducing IPFone & Webex Integration for VinSolutions & Dealersocket CRM

Effective communication is the cornerstone of competitive advantage in car dealership management’s fast-paced, dynamic world. The ability to quickly and efficiently engage with customers and colleagues provides an exceptional customer experience and enhances operational efficiencies. With that in mind, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation to boost your dealership’s performance and revolutionize your … Read more

SD-WAN: The Cost-Effective Solution to Business Security and Connectivity Challenges

Small to mid-size businesses require stable, uninterrupted internet access for essential services like email, cloud storage, video conferencing, and payment processing. However, cyber-attacks are increasing, with small to mid-size businesses as the primary targets. A cyber attack can cost a company an average of $46,000 in recovery, lost business opportunities, and downtime. SD-WAN technology can … Read more