[Case Study] IPFone Call Analytics Drives Operational Efficiency at Carroll Fulmer Logistics

Team IPFone

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Carroll Fulmer Logistic Corp., a leading trucking and logistics provider, recently transformed their communications by adopting IPFone’s unified cloud platform. A key component driving measurable operational improvements has been IPFone’s advanced Call Analytics.

Before IPFone, Carroll Fulmer lacked visibility into critical call metrics across their 13 nationwide locations. Essential data such as call volume, duration, unanswered calls, and agent performance was unavailable, making it impossible to identify inefficiencies and optimize staffing.

IPFone Call Analytics revolutionized Carroll Fulmer’s operations, providing comprehensive, real-time data at their fingertips:

  • Customizable reports for detailed analysis
  • Improved call-back strategies to reconnect dropped calls
  • At-a-glance dashboards of core KPIs
  • Insights to fine-tune contact processes for faster resolution

Overall Impact:

  • Hundreds of dollars saved per month by tracking unanswered calls
  • Data-driven staffing decisions to align with peak call times
  • Elevated customer service through prompt issue resolution
  • Identification of top agents and targeted training opportunities

Within the first year, Call Analytics helped Carroll Fulmer realize substantial time and cost savings. Tracking unanswered calls led to process changes, saving hundreds of dollars monthly. Detailed activity reports enabled data-driven staffing decisions, ensuring the right agents are available during peak times.

Call Analytics also supports Carroll Fulmer’s commitment to outstanding customer service. Managers can now instantly access stats from anywhere to monitor call center performance. Dropped call tracking allows prompt customer follow-up, while agent scorecards identify top performers and training opportunities.

By illuminating previously dark data, IPFone Call Analytics is helping Carroll Fulmer drive efficiency and elevate service as they scale their business. Combined with IPFone’s other cloud communications capabilities, Carroll Fulmer has gained a powerful foundation for growth while reducing cost and complexity.

As Carroll Fulmer’s Director of IT Mike Prokosch attests, “The Analytics Package has saved hundreds of dollars a month in time and unanswered call monitoring… migrating our communications to IPFone was the best move we have made.”

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