[Press Release] IPFone & Inter Miami CF: Celebrating Continued Partnership and Innovation

Team IPFone


IPFone is thrilled to announce the renewal of its partnership with Inter Miami CF, solidifying its role as the official sponsor and business communications provider for Miami’s premier soccer team. This renewal marks a continued commitment to supporting the local sports community and fostering connections through advanced technology solutions. 

A Partnership Built on Shared Values and Innovation 

Since the inception of our partnership with Inter Miami CF in June 2021, IPFone has been at the forefront of delivering state-of-the-art business communications services that have enhanced the operational efficiency and team collaboration within the soccer club. Our shared values of innovation, community support, and the pursuit of excellence have been the cornerstone of this successful collaboration. 

As we renew our partnership, IPFone remains dedicated to providing unparalleled business communications services, underlining our commitment to advancing the ways in which teams communicate and collaborate in the fast-paced world of professional sports. 

“Renewing our partnership with Inter Miami CF is a milestone that reflects our shared ambitions and our dedication to the community that surrounds us,” said Damian Chmielewski, CEO of IPFone. “It’s a privilege to continue our role as the official business communications provider for Inter Miami CF, a partnership that symbolizes our mutual commitment to excellence, innovation, and the empowerment of local businesses and sports entities. We are excited to keep building on this foundation, offering cutting-edge communication solutions that facilitate growth and success.” 

About IPFone 

With over two decades of industry experience, IPFone stands as a beacon of innovation in the business communications sector. Our mission remains steadfast: to offer the most comprehensive, secure, and reliable communications and collaboration platform that ensures businesses stay connected and productive. With a focus on personalized onboarding and onsite training, IPFone is not just a service provider but a partner in growth and success. IPFone’s offerings include Webex, UCaaS, Contact Center, High Speed Internet, SD-WAN and Security, all powered by the robust and secure infrastructure of Cisco, demonstrating our wide range of capabilities to support businesses in their communication needs. 

As we celebrate the renewal of our partnership with Inter Miami CF, we invite you to learn more about how IPFone is revolutionizing business communications and supporting our communities. Together, we are setting new standards for excellence and collaboration in the digital age.