4 Ways Unified Communications Can Benefit Your Business

Julian Gutierrez

Unified Communications

It’s hard to believe that business communication was once limited to phone calls made through a manually operated switchboard. Now, you can catch up on voicemails through your email, connect through video or audio phone calls on your tablet, and keep an ongoing instant messaging conversation with your team — nearly simultaneously.

This is the magic of Unified Communications (UC).

As technology developed over the past few decades, people and businesses recognized the value of each new capability. Rather than simply replacing telephones with email or video calling, we converged all of the available services into a single suite of options. With this unlimited access to multiple forms of communication, UC has simplified, improved, and revolutionized connectivity for businesses around the world.

To see how Unified Communications can do the same for you, read through the benefits we’ve included below.


1. Stay connected wherever you go

Whether you have multiple business locations or simply enjoy the freedom to work on the go, Unified Communications keeps you connected to your business at all times. When using Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), any connected device serves as a portal to all of your internet-based solutions. You can speak with clients from a coffee shop, immediately address emergency situations at any hour, and collaborate with employees who are out of the office. UC allows you to work on your time, without worry or risk.

2. Save on communication costs

When using a Unified Communications service, you bring all of your communications tools onto a single platform. You no longer have to pay a separate bill for each of your services, which can significantly decrease the total cost of your communication. These savings can then grow further as you use UCaaS to improve your flexibility and productivity. As you show both your clients and employees that you’re there for them when needed, your success can only grow.

3. Increase your productivity and results

Communication can be one of the greatest obstacles to success. Though UC can’t solve every communication problem, it allows people to find the method that works best for them. With the ability to instantly connect with team members through the ideal tool, your employees can get more done and do it faster. Better collaboration produces better results, which then create more satisfied customers — benefiting everyone involved.

4. Reduce hardware costs and responsibility

As mentioned earlier, Unified Communications allows you to move all of your connectivity solutions to a single, cloud-based platform. This move allows you to save on the amount you pay for your tools, but it also eliminates your reliance on communications hardware. UCaaS only works with internet-based solutions, so you’ll be able to enjoy a system based entirely on software instead of equipment. A lack of hardware also saves you from maintenance and repair responsibilities, which creates additional savings in both time and money. As you enjoy more options with fewer obligations, you can create a solution that works exactly as you want.

To discover all the benefits Unified Communications can offer, schedule a demo of our UCaaS solution with one of our knowledgeable sales representative.