How to Create a Support Ticket in BillCenter

Julian Gutierrez


Creating a new ticket in BillCenter has never been easier. If you’re looking for additional help within BillCenter simply follow the steps below:

1. Go to ACCOUNT DETAILS and select the option TICKETS.

2. Click on the option CREATE NEW TICKET.


3. Complete all the fields that apply to your inquiry (you can leave the SERVICE field blank).

4. Next  go to ADDITIONAL INFORMATION and fill out all the fields regarding your mobile phone. Simply select YES in order to receive text messages OR select NO to opt out of text messages.

5. Once you click on SUBMIT TICKET you will receive a confirmation saying that your ticket has been created and providing you with the ticket number:

You will be able to scroll down and use the messages field to add a message for the tech in charge of your ticket, attach any important file like a picture or audio and also check the messages your technician left for you in the ticket.