IPFone’s Unified Communication Tools for Remote Work

Julian Gutierrez

Remote Work, Unified Communications

As the coronavirus continues to affect businesses nationwide, many customers are asking us how we can help them stay connected with their daily communication needs. Our answer is simple: IPFone’s complete team collaboration tools for remote work. We offer video, chat, conferencing and more for your team’s daily operations. See a list of commended solutions we can offer to keep your business moving forward.

UC-One (Unified Communications):

Enable your business to stay connected utilizing secure voice and video calls, chat and collaboration tools such as video conferences and desktop sharing. Installation is fast and user-friendly. Learn more about UC-One Click Here

Call Forwarding:

Call Forwarding gives you a quick way to simply forward your office extension to your home or mobile number. Just dial *72 to activate and *73 to deactivate. You can also activate Call Forwarding from home through the portal or calling our support team.

Sequential Ring and Simultaneous Ring:

(Included in premium seats) provide ways to ring multiple numbers in a sequence or simultaneously, whether those numbers are for office, home, or mobile phones. 

Mobile Options:

Take home your current business phone, plug it in, and use it the same way you do at the office (same phone number, same extension, etc.). Please contact support to check your phone configuration before taking the phone home.

If you have any questions please visit our website or Learning Center at https://learningcenter.ipfone.com/

For support contact our support team by email at support@ipfone.com or calling 866-573-5300