Top Five Advantages of Using Unified Communications Software During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Team IPFone

Unified Communications

The coronavirus pandemic completely upended the workforce, forcing the vast majority of companies to go remote. For some organizations, this was brand new territory that came with a sizable learning curve. If you’re one of those companies, Unified Communications (UC) can help get you up to speed. This software easily remotely connects teams to each other’s clients while keeping them productive at the same time. 

1. Makes Remote Work a Breeze

When you can’t be face-to-face, phone calls just don’t cut it. UC platforms offer voice, video, chat, and desktop sharing, making them the next best thing to in-person conversations. For example, the chatting functionality easily takes the place of a quick desk-side conversation and video conferences are a great alternative to in-person meetings. IPFone offers all of these features and more in our Unified Communications platform.

2. Improves Customer Interactions 

Your team may be struggling with the switch to remote work, but don’t forget your customers might be as well. You can leverage UC tools to ensure you don’t miss a beat when it comes to communicating with them. According to Management Events, 85% of people believe face-to-face meetings lead to stronger business relationships. The video component of unified communication software allows you to conduct face-to-face meetings from a safe distance, so you don’t miss out on that personal aspect of your business.

3. Reduces Expenses

The vast majority of businesses suffered an economic blow due to COVID-19, but UC tools can help ease your financial struggle. The price tag for implementing and operating an analog system adds up — there’s the setup fee, pricey hardware, and the cost of any maintenance that you may need to take care of. 

Using a UC platform will save your business money for multiple reasons. For one, calls are made over the internet instead of via a telephone line — that means you only have to pay for internet access and nothing to network providers. Not to mention, UC tools roll so many functionalities into one platform, instead of having to pay for multiple software tools all with one purpose.

4. Manage Your Workforce from A Far

UC solutions give you the tools to keep your employees accountable. The platforms’ instant messaging functionality allow for easy check-ins with your team. UC platforms give you the ability to monitor what integrated apps your employees have access to. That way, you’ll have more visibility into your team’s work. 

5. Use Technology to Enforce Work-Life Balance

With the quasi-permanent switch to remote work, the lines between work and relaxing have been blurred. Overworking can lead to employee burnout, which can be ultimately detrimental to your business. Implementing software tools to encourage employees to take some time for themselves will be worth it in the long run. For example, Microsoft Teams includes a “virtual commute” feature that encourages a smooth transition from home to work life.
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